Yiannis Michailidis Tips
The best foundation is the one that has a yellow-beige color base in the formula
(because it neutralize the skin)
it has to be sheer and it has to be exactly the same color with the neck and the bust,
so it doesn't look like a mask.
For a perfect makeup, the skin has to be well hydrating,
it has to glow,
it has to be ready to accept the foundation...
Skin care is the basic step for a perfect make up!
If you want to make a smoky look, apply some loose powder under the eye before the make up.
In this way you will not have any dark eye shadow in the end under the eyes.
Finally when you finish, remove the powder with the brush...and its all clear!
"Concealer is the secret of the universe"
Apply hydrating eye cream before the concealer, so the concealer stays more and it doesn't "crack" during the day.
If you have very dark circles before the concealer,you have to apply the CORRECTOR which is neutralize the area under the eye.
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